Chairman Message

Standing firm and holding tight to its character and proving true to its name, Tameer-e-Millat Foundation has been engaged in educating and building the nation now for over 29 years.

Working on strategy of “self-sustained quality education with formal character building”, it has come a long way. It is matter of pride and pleasure to note that this year our TMF family has performed extraordinarily well. It is heartening to report that solid plans have been made to improve quality for near and far future with a vision and resolve.

The tangible development initiatives for improvement of quality of education and its management are well received across the network and continued involvement of stakeholders will improve it further. Let me very sincerely thank those who committed their hard earned money and precious belongings to the cause of education through TMF.  May Allah bless you all.

Throughout this report, you will appreciate the efforts of  TMF has made in its efficient management of  our network of 16,831 students enrolled across 139 schools located in far flung areas despite having confronted with impaired means of communications, devoid of basic facilities, poor accessibility, non- availability of qualified teachers and their fast  turnover coupled with scarcity of resources.

I urge the Foundation, our students, our teachers, principals, and all team members in every capacity to peruse excellence and nothing short of that as well sustain quality by adapting best practices and be in step with the best contemporary practices of  educating and grooming.


F.M. Rashid